Ashley Nicole Coleman

"January is the beginning" -Ashley Nicole Mancha

~Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism and Minor in Political Science

~Lover of the arts ~Self Proclaimed Fashion and Media Connoisseur ~WIFE!! ~Democrat ~Journalist


This blog is a compilation of All things:
media ~travel ~design ~frilly ~fashion ~majestic ~life
all things, which remind me of the feeling I get in my favorite month of the year,

January~The Beginning

Yesterday’s bday lunch at Ouisie’s Table and dinner at RA Sushi. Okay I’m done. Lol

Yesterday’s Threads #papercrown

The day is nearing an end. Last stop: RA. This weather though. Ugh! Let me hurry up and get back into the house lol #GodBless

MY STORY:πŸ“–πŸ“šπŸ“’πŸ“
Last night I reminisced on a surprised birthday I had when I was 12. All of my family was there. There was a small journal everyone wrote in something about me. My mom wrote me a song and sang it to me. My brothers wrote in it. My aunts uncles and cousins.these al made me feel great! However My grandmother, whom is no longer with us wrote in it. After reminiscing on her page in the book, I felt incredibly sad with grief.she would call me every year to sing me happy birthday on my birthday. I thought I’d be sad today. BUT THEN I woke up to so many amazing comments on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you all to the ends of earth and back. Thank God for my husband, my mommy, my beautiful family and wonderful friends! You all have made this day special already. Love you all! Now I can say BUT GOD!!! This birthday I am declaring that I am all that He(God) says I am, I have what he says I have, and I can do what he says I can do. I am her, and she is I(Ashley), and God is in me. I have it all with him, and I can do it all through him. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. *real tears* congrats if you made it to the end. LOL I know this is an extreeemely long post, which won’t happen again lol. I’m just so #Thankful #HappyBirthdayToMe 😊😊😁😘 #23 #GoAshleyGoAshleyGo *doing the tootsie roll and cabbage patching around the house* and the rest is unwritten lol bye y’all

Themrsflannelshow lol @klah_wayla_flannel thanks for my video. It’s so sweet and it put a huge smile on my face. I wish I could repost what you said! Love you! Happy Birthday to me yaayy!

Just to think: The more progress we make on life’s journey, the higher the expectation for greatness. We are destined to grow and to progress. To wake up each day and take two steps towards the place we want to be. In our adolescence we prepared. In our adulthood we accomplish. Only going backward if we make wrong turns, and moving forward at all cost. #Lets #ChallengeOurselves #Love #MrsColeman πŸ™ŒπŸ’ƒ#Byebaby βœ‹

1 Year Post Grad! Thank You lord! #Blessed

🌸 work

Drake ~ All Me feat. 2 Chainz & Big Sean

OMG Bey! One day, can’t wait!

She has big brown eyes. She has thick, fluffy hair. She has a bronzed deep brown skin. She likes to be dressed up and is always made up, but she absolutely loves herself.

Asian bun. Nine West heels (comfys). Nordstrom jumper. Long white blazer. Bronze body.

JAY Z "Somewhere in America"

Twerk Miley Miley Miley

And I… I wouldn’t trade it for the world world world.